Attorney of Law, Member of Bucharest Bar. 1999

Analyst for investments/ Legal Office Representative TVM SA. 1997-1999

Economist/Research, National Institute for Economic Research, Institute of
National Economy,Bucharest, Romania.December 1996 - 1998.
Responsibilities/tasks include:
        * preparing chapter concerning the  environmental expenditure influence on
competivity of romanian exports for annual 1997 reports
        *  analysis on economic adaptability and flexibility  of romanian economy

Economist/Parliamentary Expert, Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies,
Bucharest,Romania. November 1994 - December 1996.
Responsibilities/tasks included:
        * preparing of papers about draft laws
        * financial-economic consulting for Member of Chamber of Deputies

Economist/National Bank of Romania, Communication Department, Bucharest,
Romania.December 1993 - November 1994.
Responsibilities/tasks included:
        * preparing  of papers concerning  public and political reactions at the
monetary and exchange measure takes about National Bank of Romania for
Governor of NBR
        * preparing of papers about monetary and economic situation for mass-media

Economist/Research, National Institute for Economic Research, Institute of
National Economy,Bucharest, Romania.September 1991 - December 1993.
Responsibilities/tasks included:
        * preparing  chapter  concerning the influence of environmental policies on
  economic equilibrium, financial and monetary possibilities for 1992 and
1993 annual reports
        * economic anlaysis on influence of market-oriented environmental rules on
companies and national economy

Degree of Law.Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Romania,1992-1997.
Thesis Topic:" Competition in banking activity".

Academy of Economic Studies,Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic
Data Processing,Bucharest,Romania, 1992- 1997(stage for preparing)
Specialisation: economic statistics. Dissertation Topic:The perfomance
evaluation of economic system through The System of National Accounts". The
stage for preparing my dissertation included:
- examinations: Macroeconomics, National accounting, methodology for studies
of conjuncture and market surveys.
- papers: " Evolution of macroeconomics calculations"
           "Economic approach through Input-Output Models"
Dissertations for Ph.D in Economics will presents in public conference  in
the fourth quarter of 1999.

Master of Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Cybernetics,
Statistic and Economic Data Processing,Bucharest, Romania, 1986-1991.
Specialization: analyst- economist in economic -social statistic. Thesis
Topic:"Statistical analysis of fixed capital in Romania between 1981-1989".


The Measurement of monetary flows between economy and environment", chapter
VI published(in Romanian ) in "The Economy and nature

The economic process modelling of the formation and alocation financial
resources for environmental protection, chapter IV published (in Romanian )
in "The Economic reform and sustainable development", Romania,1995.


Economist/Associated Partner Professor Assistant at the Department of
Statistics and Economic Forecast,Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest,

Economist/Associated Partner Professor Assistant at the Department of
Investment Effiency,Academy of Economic Studies,Bucharest, Romania. 1993

Economist/Associated Partner Professor Assistant at the Department of
Environmental Management, Ecological University, Bucharest, Romania. 1994

Economist/Associated Partner Professor Assistant at the Department of
Environmental Economics, Ecological University, Bucharest, Romania. 1997

Economist/Associated Partner at The Interdisciplinary Center of Studies for
Research&Development of product, diagnostic analyze and economic-social
development. Department of Economy and Bussines Development, Bucharest,
Romania. 1994 - present.
Responsibilities/tasks included:
        * coordinating Department of Economy and Business Development
        * financial-economic analysis for companies
        * preparing of restructuring and development  strategies for companies and
            * market analysis
            * participations at the diagnostic analysis of  electric energy
production  for calculation external cost and  to divided branch  in terms
of marginal cost in a view privatization.

Course of Microeconomic Analysis in a Theory of consumtion delivered by M.
Cotfas from Gothenburg University, Bucharest, Romania, November 1991.

Course of Financial Management in Market Economy delivered by W.F. Straley
from Oglenthorpe University, Representation of U.N. Program for
development,Bucharest, Romania,September 1991.

Conference on Research and analysis sponsored of U.S. House of
Representative and Congressional Research Service ,Bucharest<Romania, 1-5
July 1996.

MS Office:Word, Excell, WordPerfect; Quattro Pro

English, Romanian - native language


Mr. Gheorghe Zaman, Senior Researcher, Director of The Institute of National
Economy, Bucharest, Romania;tel:(40 1) 659 8056
Mr. Ludovic Tovissi, Professor of Statistics, Academy of Studies Economy,
Department of Statistics and Economic Forecast, Bucharest, Romania; tel: (40
1) 659 2514
Mr. Paul Wagner,Professor of Statistics, Academy of Studies Economy,
President of National Commission for Statistics, Bucharest, tel:(40 1)312